Need help now?

If you or a veteran needs immediate assistance, help is always available.


If this is an emergency

Call 111 if you—or someone you know—are in immediate danger.

If you need to talk

If you or someone else is not in immediate danger—but still need to talk—the following organisations can help.

Organisation Contact
Need to talk? 1737(external link) 1737—phone or text a trained counsellor
NZDF4U(external link) 0800 693 348
Lifeline Aotearoa(external link) 0800 543 354
Samaritans(external link) 0800 726 666


If you need support


Healthline can help you if you’re feeling unwell but not sure whether you need to see a doctor. It’s staffed by registered nurses who are specialists in assessing and advising over the phone.

Call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association (RSA)

The RSA honours and supports both current and ex-service members. It can provide financial and other support through its networks in NZ.

For assistance for all Service personnel and their families, contact your nearest District Support Manager.