Veteran Research – University of Canterbury

March 15, 2023

Associate Professor Ann-Marie Kennedy from the University of Canterbury is the lead researcher of a project which is being undertaken as part of a Veterans’ Medical Research Trust Fund grant from Veterans’ Affairs.

This project is looking to interview New Zealand veterans and their whānau to identify the effects of transitioning to civilian life on drinking behaviour. The results will be used to create a reintegration training module in New Zealand.

We are looking to recruit veterans and whānau of the NZ Defence Forces who have served in deployments from the 1990 Gulf War onwards. We are wanting veterans and whanau of veterans who have been declared to have qualifying operational service for the purposes of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 (a member of the armed forces who took part in qualifying operational service at the direction of the New Zealand Government).

All participants will receive a $50 voucher.

If you are a Veteran or the whānau of a Veteran who fits within this group we would love to hear from you. If you want more information or wish to take part in the study, please call +64 3 369 460 or send an email to