Webinar Series – Serving in Silence? Australian LGBTI Military Service since 1945

September 11, 2020

This Webinar is the first in the ASCN Webinar series on the needs and issues impacting LGBTIQ Military Service Members and Veterans.

In it Dr Riseman will draw on findings from the Australian Research Council-funded project “Serving in Silence? Australian LGBTI Military Service since 1945” to provide an overview history of LGBTI service in Australia and draw on oral history interviews to explore key themes raised by LGBTI veterans.


Presenter:    Dr Noah Riseman

Professor of History

Australian Catholic University


Date:             Thursday 17th of September 2020

Time:             New Zealand 10.00 am – 12.00 noon (NZ) (GMT +11 Hours)

Australia 8.00 am Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane

The Netherlands 12.00 Midnight Amsterdam, Thursday 17th of September

The UK 11.00 pm London, Wednesday 16th of September

Canada 6.00 pm Toronto, 3.00 pm Vancouver, Wednesday 16th of September

The USA 6.00 pm New York, 3.00 pm Los Angeles, Wednesday 16th of September

There will be a one hour presentation followed by a one hour interactive Q&A session that will allow participants to ask Dr Rideman questions about points raised in the presentation or current issues on transition related to their work.




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Professor Noah Riseman


Dr Noah Riseman is a professor of history at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne.  He specialises in the histories of race, gender and sexuality and has published extensively on the histories of Indigenous and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) service in the Australian Defence Force.


Most of Dr Riseman’s research is focused on the post-Second World War era, although he has done some work on the First and Second World Wars.  His work is mainly focused on Australia but he has done some comparative work with the United States, Canada and New Zealand.


Dr Riseman’s work combines archival research with oral history interviews to chart the changing policies and lived experiences of service members who identify as Indigenous or LGBTI.  He takes the life narrative approach to oral history to uncover how military service sits within a much wider life story.  Using this approach, he aims to draw connections between the past and present and presents much of his work as living histories.


Dr Riseman is the recipient of four Australian Research Council grants (three of which are related to military service), has published extensively in journals and book chapters, and has authored or co-authored six monographs:



This series of real time education and information sharing webinars has been developed by ASCN a Not For Profit organisation in collaboration with its partners in the each of the 5 Eyes Countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom).


The Webinars in the Transition series are being presented by International Thought Leaders and Researchers from each of the 5 Eyes Countries and Robert Lippiatt from ASCN is chairing the Webinar series.  Robert has had significant international experience chairing and facilitating Defence and Veterans Forums


Each Webinar will cover the key issues and insights on Military Veteran Transition and post service life gained through research and other ongoing work with military members, veterans and their families in the relevant country.


Watch out for information and registration instructions for the next set of Webinars in the series which will be continuing through the rest of 2020


If you require any additional information on these Webinars or would like to register your interest in participating in the rest of the Webinar series please contact Steve Shamy at the ASCN (New Zealand) Secretariat at email ascn.nz@gmail.com.




ASCN (New Zealand) in conjunction with ASCN (Australia) form the Trans Tasman Australasian Services Care Network (ASCN).


This Not for profit Network acts as a neutral and independent hub for discussion and action by Government, Research, Service Providers and Advocacy on health and wellbeing questions and issues that impact military, veterans, public safety officers and their families in both countries.


It is committed to improving the life-long health and wellbeing of current and former members of the Defence Force (Regular and Reserve), Public Safety Organisations and their Families.